Jeez Louise, the other day I went to a free class held by the Yoga Society of the University as part of Freshers Week. That was on Thursday. Two days on my upper arms are still aching. It’s at the point where I’m afraid if I lay down I may not get up again. The more reason to start going to classes regularly I suppose. (That are, by the way, like £2 each! For a 90 minute class!)

Anywho, that was not really what I was aiming for with this post, but instead something chocolately peanutbuttery (only my two favourite adjectives in one sentence) such as this creation down below. Now, I’m obviously not gonna win Food Photographer of the Year anytime soon, but I figured I could make up for that by using pretty fonts to cover parts of it. Voila!
Last night I was on the Google hunt for a recipe including Peanut butter and Oats. I already had a mental picture of what I was hoping to find, sort of Flapjack meets a Snickersbar and they have a baby, but Google was not working with me. Lacking of interesting results, I decided to take the matter into my own hands. Therefore, this recipe is very Grandmother style, you know “a bit of that” , “a pinch of this”… But I doubt you could go wrong really (I mean, peanut butter and chocolate? HELLO?) Downloads6
I melted roughly a decilitre of crunchy peanut butter with, say, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and perhaps a tablespoon maple syrup, before adding ½ decilitre desiccated coconut and a full decilitre of rolled oats. I spread this mixture out on a large plate and put it to cool down in the freezer, while melting the dark chocolate that would later be spread as a top layer of the oatbase. Over this I sprinkled quite a heaped pinch of sea salt (because chocolate plus salt equals greatest lovestory ever) and finally some coconut flakes for decoration. Back in to the freezer to set and then… munch!

{peanut butter • vanilla extract   maple syrup • desiccated coconut • rolled oats  dark chocolate sea salt• coconut flakes (opt.)}


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