OLYMPUS TRIP 35mm. (2)

Here’s the second batch of my ebay bargained Olympus camera developed, with some light leaks to begin with but boy do I love light leaks, so unpredictable yet charming. (Kind of like the youngest child, hey. *hint hint wink wink*)

This is more or less the way we walked daily between Odd Down and the city centre, but in reverse. Small churches, ivy dressed pubs and pastel coloured doors: CNV00001CNV00003CNV000082 rullen

I squeezed the three of these together to keep it short (and they aren’t really great in terms of exposure) But there’s the ice cream shop and two bridges as you crossover Avon to town.

The rest of the roll is from when Julien and I wen to the Arnos Vale Cemetery outside of Bristol, but they will get a post of their own, or this would get too long.

5 thoughts on “OLYMPUS TRIP 35mm. (2)

    • Haha well there could of course be a more professional term, but light leaks is quite literally what creates them (+ there’s a wiki-article, all the proof I need haha) so I suppose that is right! Thank you so much by the way!! 🙂

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      • i’ve always wanted to get into photography but i’m such a noob…i wouldn’t know what a good starter camera is since everyone’s different you know?


      • I suppose the best way to learn is just to play around with any camera, perhaps go through the manual and like try out new things!

        But that is the beauty of using this type of simpler camera with film, you just have to expect the unexpected! The thrill of going to collect a newly developed roll!!

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