3 ingredient cookies.

If there is one foodie instagram you should follow, it should be Julias (@plantpoweredpantry). She creates the most amazing of vegan dishes along with hilarious and wise captions. One of the recipes she has created is this, of chocolate chip cookies, that only requires three ingredients. These are:
  • 3 dl nuts of choice
  • 8-10 pitted fresh dates
  • a handful of chocolate chips

IMG_0929Unless you want to, like I have done here, substitute 1 dl nuts with desiccated coconut. Also using peanuts and cashew nuts, in a some what 1:3 ratio (still don’t use a measuring cup).
So step one is to crush the nuts into a fine powder in your food processor.IMG_0930Then add on the pitted dates until it is blended into one big lump. Finally you add the chocolate chips. Roll to balls and cook at 180c, for 8-10 minutes.IMG_0931

There is only one catch. You have to wait for them to cool circa half an hour before you can stuff your face with this goodness.


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