Happy Holidays!

I survived my first term in Aberdeen! Man, have the past weeks been intense. The past months to be honest – since July there has been nonstop chores, work, stress… And now finally a whole month well-needed R&R-time.
This is what I plan to do during the Christmas holidays:

  • Read books for fun – I have worked on 1Q82 the past month-or-so without being able to be properly overtaken by Murakami’s marvelous world as one would likeDSC_0089


    Stills from my visit to Edinburgh in 2011

  • Detour Edinburgh twice (as I foolishly assumed one cannot fly directly Aberdeen-Stockholm… well lucky me get to spend an extra 6 hours travelling megabus… can I get a woop?)
  • Find out whether machine-washing your backpack is a good idea, or a tremendously horrible one…
  • Watch Episode 7 of Star Wars with Julien – at 10am, such a strange time to visit the cinema in my humble opinion (but nonetheless – a much cheaper time!)


    Photo from veganyumminess – click for link!

  • Make vegan mac and cheese!!!
  • Travel to Sweden – which includes:

    *insert heart-eyed emoji*

    • See this adorable thing, that keeps growing as if she were on steroids!
    • Try all the new Oatly-products that has launched while I was away. In general grocery shopping in Sweden is about a billion times better than in the UK, not even exaggerating.
    • Endulge on Swedish N A T U R E ! Fresh air and fir trees as far as the eyes can see (+1 for rhyme!)
    • Cuddle with my parents new little furball of a dog
  • Crochet – just need to bring my lazy bum to a fabrics-shop first for some more yarn
  • Self-cater myself a veggie little Christmas (“have yourself a merry little christmas”, geeet it? )

Yup. That is about as far as my plans go at the moment.


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