Pumpkin soup + Hormonal Resolutions

IMG_1954{Pumpkin soup with onion, ginger, garlic, red lentils, coconut milk, veg bouillon, chili powder  + roasted pumpkin seeds.}

I actually have a bunch of resolutions for 2016. Not that I necessarily believe in the concept of new year resolutions; if you truly wish to make a change in your life any ordinary Wednesday would do. But the past months I feel my poor hormones have run amok as I have stopped eating breakfast (and here I was thinking I was a Breakfast Person 4ever), swap water with coffee (my 1 true love) and miss the 10pm-sleep train each evening (meaning you patiently have to wait until the 2am one…)
This lack of daily routines have turned the two weeks prior to my period into a slow increase in anxiety, insomnia and mood swings — it is difficult to be a functioning student under such circumstances. So my wee intervention is the following:

  • turn off all electronics around 9pm and read/audiobook in bed
  • wake up the same time each day
  • drink more water
  • eat + snack regularly
  • decrease caffeine consumption (for sake of sleep + economy)
  • drink more water (+ hot lemon water in the morning, my homeopath claims it is The best)
  • spend time outside every day (painfully aware that I live in Scotland lol)

And also, un-daily routine-related:

  • go on a Europe-interrail! (Hopefully in the beginning of June — any advice on what not to miss??)
  • eat more soups (already on my 2nd one up there ^)
  • explore more of Aberdeenshire

Ah bien… Wish me luck! Do you guys have any resolutions??


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