The WA-road trip.

The 5th of August the year before last, Ida and I had plucked our last egg, planted our last garlic, chased our last boar… in other words: we had completed our 88 days of farm work, and thus it was time for VACAY!!! After a day in Brisbane we flew to Perth to commence our 10-or-so-days road trippin’ up the country.

Bring some snacks because here comes a fully loaded post!  wunderbaum_635848602897420409_Afterlight_Edit

We had rented this little bumble bee to carry us up north. (Although these photos are from the last day at the car wash, after we had our like 2nd shower of the whole trip…)
The back of our car looked like this during day light hours. It was the definition of compact living.


There were a lot of wandering about epic nature. Our first stop was Kalbarri NP. Touristy photo from Nature’s window – check!
On Friday, I celebrated my 365th day (!!!) on the road with this luxury-fika in Coral Bay.
On Saturday we passed by Carnarvon and their weekend market. We bought coffee, cherry tomatoes and filled ourselves with free Chutney-samples.
Literally in the middle of nowhere, you find Two Tanks rest stop. Fellow by-passers had left their marks. Particularly like the one by Rach + Carrie “filling water, living the dream”. It felt like an accurate description of life at that instant.

NP2_635848600870984814_Afterlight_EditBild (4)
Karijini NP. As we hiked through the gorges I was like “you can really tell where the word gorge-ous comes from.” Mmm so full of wisdom, Linnea.

One of the best thing is perhaps that everyone you pass stops for a few friendly words. A crazy Crocodile Dundee-fellow stopped by us and said he had climbed up by that loop you can see on the other side of the river. (How he managed is still a bit of a mystery to me.) He showed us some photos on his iPad from right underneath. As it turns out, it is in fact not a loop – it separates at the top. #funfact
The peanut butter incident. A day of great sorrow… <//3 (We may have eaten it anyway. )
I sure as hell wouldn’t mind a bit of Coral Beach right now. It makes up for its name, the whole beach consists of tiny little corals. Ouch for the feet, but pretty for the eye.
In WA they have this amazing pink lake… This is not it. But it did have a wee tint of pink. I swear it looked pinkish IRL!   IMG_1958IMG_1959
One of the last stops on our way back to Perth was The Pinnacles, a (quite large) bunch of lime stones shaped by the weather.
The last night we were a bit too optimistic about the amount of petrol left. We drove around suburbian Perth in the hunt of a good (aka FREE) camper spot as the meter went lower and lower. Finally we found both a petrol station and, perhaps two hours mindless driving later, a camp spot. I slept restless the whole night afraid every car arriving was the camper police… (Is there even such a thing?)
The next morning we took an immensely cold shower by the public facilities and cleaned out the car (look at that orange desert-dust on the car – it was EVERYWHERE!) before we moved into Brodie in COUCHSURFING HEAVEN. But that will be another post.


5 thoughts on “The WA-road trip.

  1. Svar: Personkemi är det viktigaste för mej. Av någon anledning har jag jättesvårt att prata med män, både när det gäller psykologer och läkare och hela faderullan. Olyckligvis är han jag ska träffa i morgon med en man, men jag går in med ett blank mind så att säga. Får se vad som händer. Annars kommer jag kräva en kvinna nästa gång. Och staden är Sundsvall, mest för att min bästis i Sverige bor där. Annars är staden väl inte så rolig tror jag.


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