Who killed Creativity?

The other night I went to a Poetry Slam in a cosy little venue here in Aberdeen, the Blue Lamp. It was  an event organised in collaboration by the university’s Feminist-, LQBTQIA+ and Creative Writing Societies. I was completely in awe by all the talent and bravery of the people stood on that stage. Still the next afternoon I was buzzing with the energy from the event.

But already at the event, a voice in the back of my head was like “why do you never to these kinds of things anymore?”
tumblr_m7aw2nrGaJ1r2sjd3o1_500Not that I was ever a poetry slammer, but I rarely feel that FLOW of creativity as I remember from a few years ago. Writing haikus, writing short stories, cutting and pasting, my fingers covered in a thin film of dried glue, always carrying my DSLR along as extra weight in my backpack.

The past days I have been thinking about what it may be that has interrupted me, or my creativity. The things that sprung into my mind were my depressive episode or perhaps how I am somewhat lost in translation; constantly between two languages (three now even), or perhaps my creative process simply looks different nowadays?tumblr_m3fynqHSBf1r2sjd3o1_500But the most apparent reason, and one I often find myself debating with my friends, is that of all the fast-paced distractions we find ourselves in the middle of. This hurricane of technologies that has increased at such rapid speed in only a few years time. Now it is more common to have a laptop than a desktop computer and we bring our devices (or distractions) with us wherever. Take this from the girl who finds spending a few minutes on the loo a drag were she to forget to bring her phone.

There are so many fewer pauses. Darn it, there are hardly any pauses at all. Remember as a kid, how if there was nothing to do that was never really a problem, you would simply make something up. Not mindlessly scroll down the facebook-feed with a dead look in your eyes. tumblr_m6fmdq8RHs1r2sjd3o1_500I need to create more spaces. More pauses.

What are your ideas on this? Do you have any tricks to keep creativity flowing?


3 thoughts on “Who killed Creativity?

  1. Inspiration is really hard to define and hold on to for me as well. I’ve found, lately, that a lot of new music and new authors have helped me. I focus mainly on ideas so hearing more and more ideas expands what I have to draw from. But then again, this doesn’t always work for me. It’s tough. haha.

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    • That is quite interesting actually, I tend to go back to re-reading and re-listening A LOT of what used to inspire me, but I reckon how a certain work affects you depends on your state of mind at that particular point in time… Does that make sense? Like you could pick up a new book and be like “this is complete mumbo-jumbo” or “wow this SPEAKS to me”, depending on where your mind is at. Haha, oh well…

      Thanks for sharing anyway!!!

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      • Revisiting old favorites works sometimes, too. I think that helps (me) bring memories to the present, which is good inspiration. New ideas challenge me to try something I haven’t done before, which I find enjoyable at the moment. Who can predict how we’ll feel tomorrow, though. haha.


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