David Welch Winter Gardens.

IMG_4205The other week on my day off, the sun was shining (which is a rare occurrence here in Scotland) so I decided to carpe the diem and go out for a walk along river Dee.
With a coffee in one hand (obviously), camera in the other – I finally ended up in Duthie Park.
My aim was to explore the David Welch Winter Gardens that are located within the park – and to my great delight I discovered there was not even an entry fee to be paid at the door!!
(I was thinking one would have to pay a pound or so, and thus darned myself for having not brought my Student ID, but that was clearly not needed = pleasant surprise!)
Now there are way more than funny looking cactuses (what is the plural of cactus?! #helpaforeignerout)in there, but for whatever reason the photos from my DSLR seems to have vanished into thin air, so what is left is a bunch of iphone-photos. Amongst them these little creatures — turtles!!!
Which I by the way do hope don’t get hit in the head when those coins are being thrown down there… ..
It must be a rather Scottish things, these Winter Gardens? I am fairly sure I have seen both Glasgow and Edinburgh having one too… It is a really cool concept though! 4/5 toasters for the Winter Gardens!


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