Månadens Gröna: Rhubarb Mojitos | with Ginger Beer.

FullSizeRender (1)A bunch of inspirational Swedish bloggers have started this vegetarian food challenge. Each month a host blog picks a produce in season for anyone to participate and create new fab-tastic veggie recipes!

This month Rhubarb is the star of the show, which I was really excited to read as it gave me a push to finally try out this recipe that I have been meaning to make since just about 4ever… Namely, Rhubarb Mojitos!
I was pondering whether I should add a bit of ginger to the rhubarb puree, for a nice sting you know, but decided to incorporate it via Ginger Beer instead and opt out the common club soda.
I am not really a big drinker but when I do, I am almost certain to go for rum. However, you can easily enjoy this as a refreshing mocktail by simply skipping the alcohol.

You’ll need (per drink):

→ ½ dl rhubarb puree*
→ 10 fresh mint leaves
→ ½ lime, sliced in wedges
→ rum
→ ginger beer
→ ice cubes

*Recipe listed below.
1. Muddle the mint leaves with the lime juice in the bottom of a drinking glass.
2. Add in some ice cubes.
3. Add the rhubarb puree, rum and ginger beer.
4. Stir to combine and then serve immediately.
Rhubarb puree:

→ 2 stalks rhubarb
→ 3 dl water
→ ½ dl sugar

1. Trim and chop the rhubarb stalks.
2. In a small pot, add water, rhubarb and sugar. Bring to boil for about 10 minutes, until rhubarb has softened.
3. Add to blender and process until you have smooth consistency.
I am so looking forward to seeing what the other participants are gonna come up with! x


14 thoughts on “Månadens Gröna: Rhubarb Mojitos | with Ginger Beer.

  1. Men lägg ägg så gott! Nu får jag ju snart dricka alkohol igen om jag vill eftersom bebisen väl kommer inom den närmsta tiden men jag blir ändå sugen på att experimentera fram en liknande variant fast alkoholfri. Mums!


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