France Day 3: Medieval Castles and Forest Paths.

IMG_4799On the Thursday morning we got into the car again, this time heading to the neighbouring village of Mornas. We were going to climb that castle on the cliff you can see down below.
redigerat2 It was only about a 2 kilometre walk up to the castle, but goodness me was it steep! Especially so in a sizzling 27°C morning.
The castle has been restored close to its original shape thanks to volunteers from across the globe.
Bonjour Mornas! IMG_4798I took a bunch of photos like these and with a pleased voice told Julien “so much profile picture material!”. He did not agree, complaining that he was merely a pinky finger against the stone wall. Clearly some people do not appreciate art, aye!

(And yes, let’s just ignore the fact that it is very blur – it all adds to the artsyness)
After our castle adventure, we had lunch down in the village. This thing with Pastis is a bit strange to me; the French drink it as an appetizer before a meal, but its distinct aniseed flavour makes me think of the cough medicine I had to take as a kid. Not the most pleasant connotation!
But their coffee sure is fault free, look at that delicious crema!
We had drove past this village a couple of times and I kept nagging on J that I wanted to go there for a proper visit. So after lunch was completed, we walked around to explore the teeny streets.
redigerat1IMG_4815Screen Captures1
Very impressive with the wall of the mountain so close by!
Back in Mondragon we took Yoda for a walk…
… through this lush greenery. IMG_4831 (1)
We stopped to try and take a nice dog portrait of Mr Da…
… but he was not very interested in starting a modeling career, to be honest.
In the evening we went to a friend of Juliens for dinner; pizza on the lawn whilst playing a game similar to Swedish Kubb. It must be said that never have I ever been to a party of any kind where people are so obsessed with the aromas and colours of their wines, as in France!

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