France Day 4: Citrus towns and beer coolers





Our week in France coincided with a nationwide petrol strike, meaning we could unfortunately not visit all the places we had planned for. Atleast not if we wanted to be able to return to Marseille airport on the Monday. (As I write this the rain is literally pouring down in Aberdeen so having been stranded in France does not sound all too awful…)

One of the stops we did get around to was Orange (here’s my queue for “Orange, when are we going to Lemon?”but as that joke was a complete flop in Baguetteland – I shall now skip it), as Julien’s mum had an errand there. We climed a hill to watch the amphitheatre, lost Julien’s credit card in a cigar shop and had Chinese for lunch.

In the afternoon we got in a 4×4 with some of J’s friends and drove to the shore where we used the river as our beer cooler. C’est a difficult life indeed 😉


3 thoughts on “France Day 4: Citrus towns and beer coolers

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