Celebrating bidsummer, vegan lemon curd & floral crowns.

DSC_0784DSC_0787DSC_0789DSC_0792Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
DSC_0807DSC_0820DSC_0814DSC_0826DSC_0833DSC_0841Happy Midsummer – and here is a cavalcade of photos! Since my 23rd birthday took place on the 23rd, and the following day coincided with the Swedish Midsummer, I took the liberty of creating my very own holiday – namely BIDSUMMER (birthday midsummer, get it?) yesterday.

The weather was gloomy here in Scotland so I turned the living room into a floral haven and set the table with veganized versions of dishes with typical midsummery flavours, such as elderflower, strawberries, dill and new potatoes.

As our main we had Vegotekets dill- and lemon marinated tofu and parsley cream along with Annie/Vegokäk‘s French new potato salad with asparagus. As for dessert, I made a cake with aqua faba meringue, vegan lemon curd, coconut cream and strawberries marinated in mint, olive oil and lemon. It was D-I-V-I-N-E!
To wash it all down the mandatory nubbe of some leftover rum and licorice (Tyrkisk peber!) and elderflower cordial mixed with prosecco.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating bidsummer, vegan lemon curd & floral crowns.

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