DIY computer chair upcycling.

I am currently on a mission to revamp our humble abode, but by using little to no means of money. One item that has been particularly high on my hit list was this blue computer chair that, to put it nicely, looks like it had seen its better days.
In other words it’s pretty darn ugly. In particular after it started peeling(?)
But fear not, the internet held the solution as ever. At one of the local charity shops I bought a set of curtains for £2.25 and was thus ready to change my office chair into its summer gear.

All you need is: 

→ chair in need of change
→ a pair of scissors
→ a piece of fabric wide enough to cover the seat + backrest with a ~5 cm ratio on each side
→ a flat head screwdriver / kitchen knife

1. Drape the fabric over the chair, and make sure you have at least 5 cm all the way around it too, before cutting along the edges into an appropriate size.
2. Secondly, using the flat headed tool, simply tuck the fabric in under the edges of the plastic ‘cover’ of the chair. Make sure there is enough fabric on each side, so adjust the fabric as you go along.
3. Repeat with the next part of the chair.

If this was not comprehensive enough, I suggest you watch this video or similar on youtube.
Voila, a very neat (and cheap!) way to revive an old piece of furniture. What do you think?

For more inspiration and ideas, I suggest a quick pinterest search.


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