The Pencil Wrap.

Lately I have been looking around the wild wild web for clever pencil cases, a particular neccesity since we have moved and no longer have access to a proper desk (writing this from the not even ½-m²-kitchen table, holla!) Basically, I need all the smart storage solutions you can think of.

So I found this on amazon – a pencil wrap! (A title that pretty much sums up its function. A wrap. For Pencils!) I do reckon it would be a fairy simple item to recreate at home, but as I do not own a sewing machine, I figured it would be well worth its 8-or-so-pounds.
So far I am really digging its practicality; rather than having umpteen boxes and cans full of pens, I now have them all collected in one place and can easily just roll them up when I am done using them.


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