Vegan Convenience Foods I’ve tried lately.


However much I love making a meal from scracth, sometimes you just want to be able to bunker up on a ready made-falafels to store in the freezer. Lucky for me, and fellow couch potato herbivores, such vegan products are becoming more and more widespread — making it a lot easier to for the public to make ethical choices every single day passing. (Hurray!)

Here are some of the vegan ready-to-eat products I have tried as of lately and what I thought of them.
(Sure I say meals, but then 90% of this list contains of sweets. Oops.)

Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
Price:  ~£3.50 for 150 gram
Where to buy it: I buy it from my local health food shop; the official website has a store locator in progress.
Rate: 5/5 would eat again

Can we just take a moment here to praise this chocolate bar from Vego? There is absolutely NO wonder why it has claimed the title Best Vegan Chocolate two years in a row. If you cross this in your local health store, do yourself a favour and bring it home! Sure it is a bit pricy but it is worth its every penny. Best must be how fine and creamy they have mastered its texture. And the hazelnuts!!! If Nutella was a chocolate bar I am positive it would taste something like this.

Quorn Meat Free Vegan Nuggets + Fillets
Price: ~£2.50 for approx. 250 grams
Where to buy it: I’ve seen (and bought) at Asda, Morrison + Tesco
Rate: 3/5

Quorn has finally started launching more vegan friendly options, which is great because — it is 2017 and who needs egg whites really?! So far I have tried the nuggets; it was a convenience as I was to move house the next day and had nothing but condiments packed up in boxes in the kitchen. The quorn fillets are just like how I remember from my veggie days. Both products definitely tastes alright but would absolutely need the company of a marinade, sauce, etc.

Booja-Booja Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle Icecream
Price: £5.99 for 500 ml
Where to buy it: Again, from my local health food store; also found at Holland & Barrett if I am not mistaken.
Rate: 4,5/5

I had been drooling over these beautiful ice cream tubs for months on end before I finally decided to purchase one the other month. When I brought one over to the cashier her eyes literally lit up at the chance of talking vegan ice creams. Booja-Booja makes truffles and ice creams using a minimal amount of ingredients – and the taste is divine! Only downside is its price, but then again – how much money has one not spent on B&J tubs in younger days??

Alpro Vanilla/Coconut/Hazelnut Chocolate Dairy Free Icecream
Price: £3.50 for 500ml
Where to buy it: Larger Tesco complexes
Rate: 2,5/5

Alpro made a rather tedious announcement a while back, perhaps that is why Tesco is now selling their just recently released dairy-free ice creams as a 3-for-£5.

The hazelnut one was the 1st to go, no surprises there really. I did not quite fancy the coconut flavour one, which is peculiar seeing how my partner normally hates coconut flavoured things but still he happily indulges on this one. All in all, it is nice with yet another dairy free alternative in the frozen desserts section but it is nothing sensational about it.

Oatly Foamable Barista Oat Drink

Price: £1.80 for 1 litre
Where to buy it: Larger Tesco complexes
Rate: 5/5

Sure I have been pouring this into my coffee for years already, but I recently brought one found at Tesco into work to try out on the espresso machine. W to the ow! (No cow!) We concluded that it smelt slightly of porridge, but it tastes divine = the common opinion of vegans, veggies and carnivores alike. Next step is just to get the boss on the oat band wagon!

Koko Dairy Free Strawberry Yoghurt Alternative
Price: £1.25 for 250g.
Where to buy: Asda, Tesco, etc.
Rate: 4/5

Normally I am not a big fan of DF yoghurts nor artificial strawberry flavours, but this was on reduced price at ASDA so I snapped it. To my great delight, turns out Koko is super creamy and rich in that full-fat yoghurt kind of way. Its strawberry flavour also tastes very… sincere. Happily surprised, wish they would exist in larger tubs! (What is the deal with the UK merely selling yoghurt on half litre tubs anyway? Sweden and its neighbouring milk fanatics would be outraged at such nonsense!)

That was it for this time around; perhaps I will transform this into a concept on the blog? A fun way to try out new products and perhaps guide others through the free from-jungle.

Do you have any favourite vegan convenience foods or some that you would like to try? x


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