My Pinterest Boards.

‘Cancer’ by MsSophieArt

When Pinterest first launched many years ago I, as the true 90’s internet kiddo that I truly am, of course signed up. Not that I really knew what it was, nor what it was about. I mean, 16 year old me already had a computer full of folders titled “clothing inspo”, “film stills”, “quotes” and what have you. What would I need this for?

Fast forward a couple of years (and a bunch of hard drive crashes) I definitely see the beauty of these online pin boards. Lately, I have started to completely ignore google search and instead head straight to Pinterest, relying on it help me out when the inspiration runs short or I need help to solve some project. It is just a jackpot full of inspiration and ideas.

Currently, these are the boards that I pin the most to:


fullscreen-capture-23012017-195031-bmpThis is a pretty neat reflection of what I am currently into, project-vise. It is about as messy as my flat with unfinished projects. My latest obsession is the bullet journal and watching how others layout theirs.


Awesome rooms that I would like to live in. Wishful thinking of course with all the greens, I would love having tonnes of plants around but I am not very good at looking after them… 😥


Where pink coloured lakes, real life Disney castles and epic rock formations reside.  Its sister board is “Aberdeen and around” – full of the awe inspiring Scottish landscapes.

EAT YOUR GREENS & Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.

fullscreen-capture-23012017-195823-bmpSurprisingly low amount of food boards for someone who’s life seem to revolves so much around the art of food making. One for the greens, one for the sweets.

Kaffetåren den bästa är.

fullscreen-capture-23012017-195357-bmpBased on words hanging embroidered in my  grandma’s summer cottage. An ode to the black gold, latte art and perfect mugs.


Where I collect all things eerie not really belong elsewhere. Lots of moon illustrations, personality traits of the cancer zodic and comics on introverts etc.



I have a weak spot for collages, so it is not surprising my board for art – both from galleries and the street – is taken up mainly by such pieces.

(Chick)peas and Understanding.fullscreen-capture-23012017-195855-bmp

Last but not least, I have a board for my own creations. Duh.

In honor of my 16 year old self, I obviously have a boards dedicated to body art, dreamy clothing and screen shot movie quotes.

Do you use Pinterest at all? If so, feel free to leave a link to your account below ↓ and let’s share ideas!


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