21 photos from a Sunday in Edinburgh.

Another Sunday, of another month, in another town; I woke up in Edinburgh before the sun has started its journey over the North Sea.

And so, covered up in all the clothes I could get my hands on (I have found that if there is one thing Aberdeen has over Edinburgh, it is definitely the milder climate… well, at least for winter), I began making my way towards Arthurs Seat. (Guess where the quest of wanting to do that comes from – hello Jennifer!!)
Things Edinburgh has over Aberdeen tho: EPIC PANORAMIC VIEWS! (The view from Broad Hill is not really the same thing… )

… And a cultural life, and beautiful buildings, and trams… This could take a while.

Of course, I was on the wrong side of the ol volcano when the sun began to reveal its presence so I made a quick u-turn.
In one direction I had a pinkish orange sunrise, and behind me a rainbow. Dreamy, huh?! Was very pleased with my decision to be an early bird.

Afterwards I woke J up in the hostel and we headed out once again in the crispy Edinburgh morning. On the breakfast hunt, ending up at Moon & Hare. You can read the entire list of where we ate in Edinburgh here.
Continuing through town, we ended up in Dean Village.
A former village that has now been immersed by the city.
We ended the evening with vegan pizza and crème brûlée at Nova, before heading to the cinema for Trainspotting 2. J wrote a Facebook status along the lines* of “Pretty fun to watch Trainspotting in Edinburgh, it’s like watching The Goodfellas in New York, Jaws on a boat or La la land in La la land” (*ok that was a complete copy/paste).

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3 thoughts on “21 photos from a Sunday in Edinburgh.

  1. Vilka drömmiga bilder! Vad tyckte du om filmen? Jag blev så himla glad av den på något vis. Tyckte att de hittat en bra balans för nostalgin och ”throwbacks” men med en lite mognare känsla. Lite . Älskade 1690-scenen, om du vet vilken jag menar. 🙂


    • Alltså gud vad jag tänkt svara på den här kommentaren men aldrig kommit mig för, life motto = bättre sent än aldrig! Jag håller absolut med dig, ändå risky business att göra en uppföljare till en kultförklarad rulle (frågar du skottarna så!!) så många år senare men jag tycker de lyckades bra. Gillar omskrivningen av “Choose life”-talet och 1690-scenen må ju vart bland filmens allra bästa! xx


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