Nightfall over Copenhagen: little mermaids & raspberry sorbets.


After a meal in a steamin hot indian restaurant (we meet again BOOB SWEAT, ol’friend of mine!), we continued to wander the streets of Copenhagen whilst the sky put on a show of different shades of blue. Past statues, monuments and spires. Mum stubbornly with her nose in the guide book, trying to locate us despite not knowing how to read a map properly.

Photos from earlier that day → Copenhagen Day 1: Rosenborg Castle and yoga posing swans.


Copenhagen Day 1: Rosenborg Castle and yoga posing swans.

As soon as I stepped off the train at Copenhagen Central Station last Friday it was all socks OFF camera ON, Copenhagen was so pretty I had to stop and perpetuate just about every brick in the cobblestone streets. That being said — brace yourselves for a cavalcade of photos from the Danish capital for the upcoming weeks.