It seems to be a “quick and simple meals” themed week, but I guess that symbolizes my life at present fairly well.  I had time to both cook + eat this during my one-hour-between-tutorials-break, which of course is super convenient!

The dish in itself if fairly bulletproof – the only thing that can go wrong is possibly overcooking the pasta. Or using too little basil. God forbid.
IMG_2420 You’ll need: 
→ pasta
→ one ripe avocado
→ some garlic cloves
→ olive oil
→ basil
→ lemon juice
→ salt + pepper to taste

Also worth considering for topping: 
→ Nutritional yeast
→ roasted sunflower kernels

1. Cook the pasta according to instructions. 2. Meanwhile, combine garlic and basil in a food processor. 3. Add avocado, olive oil and lemon juice in with the garlic + basil mince. 4. Drain the pasta, return it to its pot and combine it with the avo-sauce. 5. Taste with salt + pepper, then serve with whatever toppings you desire

Do not that since avocado oxides rapidly it is best eaten fresh, but if you have some leftovers makes sure to store it in an air tight container!
For me of course topping with nutritional yeast is not for consideration, it is mandatory!