This time last year.

… me and Julien were just back from our holiday to France.

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Back in Aberdeen, my parents came for a weekend visit.

We went out to picturesque Stonehaven for the day. 1
… And they got to act test bunnies while I experimented with making this rhubarb white chocolate cheese tofu cake.

I got a new tapestry to our room. Great tip for making a place more homely when you are not allowed to repaint the walls etc.
In true spirit of Midsummer, it was raining on said day. It also coinsided with my birthday so I combined the two, creating Bidsummer! We had dinner in the living room, floral crowns on our heads, with the rain pouring down outside.
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Other than so, I discovered the beauty of Seaton Park and thus spent just about every day off walking around it, numerous Kilau take away-coffees in hand.


A weekend with Mum & Dad_Pt 1: Stonehaven and 3 course meals.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetLast weekend these two travelled across the North Sea to spend the weekend with me. Mamma and pappa!!!
On the Saturday we took the bus out to Stonehaven.

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Which is an adorable little fishing town about half an hour away from Aberdeen. This particular Saturday there was a carnival held at the city square.

It was of course far too crowded for us northern Swedes so we took the path down to the harbour.
We then continued up a hill…
… and reached the path to wander out to Dunottar Castle. DSC_0813
Passing by coconut smelling flowers…
and grass-munching beauties. DSC_0808
By the time we actually reached the castle, we did not really feel like paying the entrance fee to enter (me and Julien already went a few months ago and both felt like the surroundings were the better part of the experience). So instead we ate our packed lunch and watched the castle and its tourits from a distance.
Afterwards we decided to be adenturous and climb down the steep hills to that gate through the cliff as you can see on the right. DSC_0824
Yes, this one!
I took this and showed my mother saying “you can go back to Sweden and claim we took a quick visit to Austria”.. I mean, how Sound of Music does this not look??
DSC_0839Then it was definitely time for a strong cuppa coffee, so back to Stonehaven we went.

Back in Granite City, I cooked up a 3 course-meal including the sweet potato and black bean burgers with the infamous mango + ginger salsa. Holy yum!

The following day we walked around Aberdeen and I got a sunburn on my nose, but that will be a post for another day.


At present I should be in the air on my way to the motherland, but meanwhile – let’s have a look at the rest of mine and Julien’s day trip out to Stonehaven and Dunnottar Castle. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
So we waved the castle goodbye and continued to walk along the cliffs. It was far fewer tourists to bump into. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Along narrow pathways…IMG_2645
“Make a panorama!”, Julien urged. Voila, here’s your panorama.
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I don’t think we walked much more than half an hour before Stonehaven appeared behind a creek. So pretty! Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Hey ho, down to the fishing boats we go. IMG_2640 (1)IMG_2639 (1)
It turned out to be a real cute little town. It reminds me a little of Aberdeen’s own Footdee, with all the peculiarities going on – like this Homer Simpson head watching over the washing machine?!
Whenever boats are involved I am like *mental note: bring dad here if he comes to visit!!* IMG_2629IMG_2636
I had literally just learnt one can adjust the brightness on the iphone camera (late to the game much??) so I was really enjoying playing around with it.
I would have loved to explore some more of Stonehaven, but the combination of myself + low blood sugar and boyfriend that had been at work since 4am, we were a little grumpy and decided to look for the next bus back. But c’est la vie – luckily it is only a short bus ride away! Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Waiting for the bus, we had coffee and then bought some special price sandwiches to eat at the bus stop.

All in all, it was a great day out – we returned back home with rosy cheeks and fatigue from all the fresh air. I wish I could just wander about exploring places and natures all day, every day! (But with plenty of snacks of course) x