Nightfall over Copenhagen: little mermaids & raspberry sorbets.


After a meal in a steamin hot indian restaurant (we meet again BOOB SWEAT, ol’friend of mine!), we continued to wander the streets of Copenhagen whilst the sky put on a show of different shades of blue. Past statues, monuments and spires. Mum stubbornly with her nose in the guide book, trying to locate us despite not knowing how to read a map properly.

Photos from earlier that day → Copenhagen Day 1: Rosenborg Castle and yoga posing swans.


France Day 4: Citrus towns and beer coolers





Our week in France coincided with a nationwide petrol strike, meaning we could unfortunately not visit all the places we had planned for. Atleast not if we wanted to be able to return to Marseille airport on the Monday. (As I write this the rain is literally pouring down in Aberdeen so having been stranded in France does not sound all too awful…)

One of the stops we did get around to was Orange (here’s my queue for “Orange, when are we going to Lemon?”but as that joke was a complete flop in Baguetteland – I shall now skip it), as Julien’s mum had an errand there. We climed a hill to watch the amphitheatre, lost Julien’s credit card in a cigar shop and had Chinese for lunch.

In the afternoon we got in a 4×4 with some of J’s friends and drove to the shore where we used the river as our beer cooler. C’est a difficult life indeed 😉

A weekend with Mum & Dad_Pt 1: Stonehaven and 3 course meals.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetLast weekend these two travelled across the North Sea to spend the weekend with me. Mamma and pappa!!!
On the Saturday we took the bus out to Stonehaven.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetDSC_0765
Which is an adorable little fishing town about half an hour away from Aberdeen. This particular Saturday there was a carnival held at the city square.

It was of course far too crowded for us northern Swedes so we took the path down to the harbour.
We then continued up a hill…
… and reached the path to wander out to Dunottar Castle. DSC_0813
Passing by coconut smelling flowers…
and grass-munching beauties. DSC_0808
By the time we actually reached the castle, we did not really feel like paying the entrance fee to enter (me and Julien already went a few months ago and both felt like the surroundings were the better part of the experience). So instead we ate our packed lunch and watched the castle and its tourits from a distance.
Afterwards we decided to be adenturous and climb down the steep hills to that gate through the cliff as you can see on the right. DSC_0824
Yes, this one!
I took this and showed my mother saying “you can go back to Sweden and claim we took a quick visit to Austria”.. I mean, how Sound of Music does this not look??
DSC_0839Then it was definitely time for a strong cuppa coffee, so back to Stonehaven we went.

Back in Granite City, I cooked up a 3 course-meal including the sweet potato and black bean burgers with the infamous mango + ginger salsa. Holy yum!

The following day we walked around Aberdeen and I got a sunburn on my nose, but that will be a post for another day.

France Day 3: Medieval Castles and Forest Paths.

IMG_4799On the Thursday morning we got into the car again, this time heading to the neighbouring village of Mornas. We were going to climb that castle on the cliff you can see down below.
redigerat2 It was only about a 2 kilometre walk up to the castle, but goodness me was it steep! Especially so in a sizzling 27°C morning.
The castle has been restored close to its original shape thanks to volunteers from across the globe.
Bonjour Mornas! IMG_4798I took a bunch of photos like these and with a pleased voice told Julien “so much profile picture material!”. He did not agree, complaining that he was merely a pinky finger against the stone wall. Clearly some people do not appreciate art, aye!

(And yes, let’s just ignore the fact that it is very blur – it all adds to the artsyness)
After our castle adventure, we had lunch down in the village. This thing with Pastis is a bit strange to me; the French drink it as an appetizer before a meal, but its distinct aniseed flavour makes me think of the cough medicine I had to take as a kid. Not the most pleasant connotation!
But their coffee sure is fault free, look at that delicious crema!
We had drove past this village a couple of times and I kept nagging on J that I wanted to go there for a proper visit. So after lunch was completed, we walked around to explore the teeny streets.
redigerat1IMG_4815Screen Captures1
Very impressive with the wall of the mountain so close by!
Back in Mondragon we took Yoda for a walk…
… through this lush greenery. IMG_4831 (1)
We stopped to try and take a nice dog portrait of Mr Da…
… but he was not very interested in starting a modeling career, to be honest.
In the evening we went to a friend of Juliens for dinner; pizza on the lawn whilst playing a game similar to Swedish Kubb. It must be said that never have I ever been to a party of any kind where people are so obsessed with the aromas and colours of their wines, as in France!

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> France Day 1 + 2: Vines and Château Pesquié.

France Day 1 + 2: Vines and Château Pesquié.

IMG_4641The past week’s radio silence has been due to me and Julien travelling to France to visit his parents.

I was a little worried before take off as
a) they hardly speak any English
b) I hardly speak any French, and
c) they seemed to think pate of duck liver is a vegetable

Point C was probably what I had been the most worried about, like you don’t want to meet the “in-laws” for the first time and come across as a fussy eater. However, the real struggle was in the communication! I did not get very far with my school book-French and in all honesty the first few days were super stressful for me, not being able to communicate properly with all these people we met.

The silence did give me more time to take photos though, so wreck yourselves for a few posts loaded with photos. Let’s get straight to it:
Last Monday, we flew from Aberdeen via Amsterdam. IMG_4633
I passed the flight time beading necklaces out of small stones from Aberdeen beach.
Around 5pm we finally landed in Marseille, after a 3hour delay in Amsterdam. By then, we had already been awake for about 12hrs as my dear boyfriend seems even crazier than me in terms of “making it in time to the airport”. (We were at Aberdeen airport at 6am, when the flight left around 9…..)
On the Tuesday we went along for a hike with Julien’s mother and two of her friends. Passing through fields of vines and dusty roads.
Living up to their reputation of massive cheese fans, we made two stops on the way back home to both a goat’s and a sheep’s farm. Both had a little farm shop where you could buy their produce.
I was a little overwhelmed by the smell going in there, to me it just smells like rotten milk but that is probably because I am (certainly) not French. Their noses must contain a refining system that makes them think eating smelly cheese is a sane thing to do…
I mean, just look at Mr Depardieu’s crane.
On Wednesday we got into the car to drive to the foot of the mountains…
… ending up here, at Château Pesquié – a winery run by Julien’s uncle + cousins. They had invited us over for lunch.

I got a delicious carrot tart, pasta with artichokes and for desert we had a lemon curd cake with a strawberry salad drenched in olive oil, lemon juice, a bit of sugar and fresh mint. I will definitely try to copy that into a recipe of my own sometime soon! IMG_4631
There was of course also plenty of good wine.
On our way back we made some stops in the villages we had passed by on our way there. I was sat in the car going “This is just ridiculous… This town is ridiculous!” In my book, ridiculous translates into something such as unbelievably pretty. Just look at it!