Olympus Trip 35mm/Autumn-Winter in Aberdeen.

Few things are as exciting as opening a folder of photos fresh out of being developed. This roll is from our first time here in Aberdeen.

Unfortunately, I did not think to pick the CD option when handing the rolls in, nor do I own a scanner, so bare with the shadow of my hand photographing the photos covering the right side of the photos – let us just say that it adds a more artsy feel, okay?
We start off on Belmont Street. In traditional order, first photo with its light leak on the left hand-side. IMG_3802
Passing by the graveyard of St Nicholas Kirk. This was just when we started learning about different styles of columns in Art History, but I doubt that is why I took this photo.IMG_3777
From this hill by the Esplanade you get a fairly good view over the whole town + the sea. This is what I cross on my way to work in the mornings now. Not too bad, ey! IMG_3778
The first half of the autumn term, New King’s was dressed in beautiful red. IMG_3779
Parts of this campus looks like its been copy-paste:ed from a book of fairy tales. IMG_3783
The final stop of the Picadilly Line… Aberdeen tube station! (Jk obviously, I have no idea what is up with this sign?!)
From the steps leading to the train station/Union Square. IMG_3785
A February afternoon by the Esplanade. From a period where I stole a lot of Julien’s tobacco in an attempt to ease my anxiety and wondering what the heck I was doing with my life. IMG_3786
The whole purpose of me taking this photo was because of the epic cloud formations behind the clock tower… Genius move, obviously.  Oh well, another glimpse of columns! Doric ones!

As per usual, it turned out to be quite a mix of over exposure and blurriness, but that is part of the charm of film I reckon. Expecting the unexpected! The rest of the roll is from our trip to Dunnottar Castle, but that will be a post on its own.


Arnos Vale/OLYMPUS TRIP 35mm.

As mentioned we went to the cemetery of Arnos Vale, on the outskirts of Bristol, during one of my days off. As I collected the roll of film, Julien was like “oh what a shame”, targeting the focus (or lack of focus) on the photos. But I don’t know, I quite like it. It adds to the atmosphere in some way. Plus I ❤ bokeh. IMG_0493It is indeed a pretty graveyard, the best part is the forest where everything just seems to have its own will. Looking up through the tall tree tops beats most things.
CNV00012 CNV00013 cnv00019_5619370be087c3659682b6c6It is indeed a pretty graveyard, the best part is the forest where everything just seems to have its own will. Looking up through the tall tree tops beats most things.
CNV00015 CNV00018CNV00017What I realised the other day though, as I put a new roll in the camera – I haven’t adjusted the ISO so that was up at like 600 when I’m in fact using a film with ISO 200. Ooops. That could explain A LOT about the outcome of these last two rolls.

Excited to see if there will be a difference on the next one.

OLYMPUS TRIP 35mm. (2)

Here’s the second batch of my ebay bargained Olympus camera developed, with some light leaks to begin with but boy do I love light leaks, so unpredictable yet charming. (Kind of like the youngest child, hey. *hint hint wink wink*)

This is more or less the way we walked daily between Odd Down and the city centre, but in reverse. Small churches, ivy dressed pubs and pastel coloured doors: CNV00001CNV00003CNV000082 rullen

I squeezed the three of these together to keep it short (and they aren’t really great in terms of exposure) But there’s the ice cream shop and two bridges as you crossover Avon to town.

The rest of the roll is from when Julien and I wen to the Arnos Vale Cemetery outside of Bristol, but they will get a post of their own, or this would get too long.