Full Vegan Breakfast & the vanishing of 2 months rent.

The other week on my day off, I cooked up a Full English Breakfast… without the decaying body parts i.e., making Full Vegan Breakfast a much more suitable title!

It contains the following:

> Baked Beans
> Hummus
> Veggie Sausages from Linda McCartney
> Brown Toast
> Fried Mushrooms
> Grilled Cherry Tomato
> Scrambled Tofu
> Rice paper-b*con)

Also, can we just take a moment here to talk about what a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN the combination of baked beans and hummus is?! I discovered this the summer before last at the little coffeeshop I used to work at in Bath, and now it is a standard element of my cooked British brekkie. (Okay standard element might be an exaggeration of an event that occurs once a year tops…)dsc_0088Also, if you follow me on instagram you may have caught a glimpse of Lonely Planet’s guide to Japan laying around – well it is there for a reason. I AM TRAVELLING TO JAPAN THIS SPRING!!! Two whole weeks! (Literally I was thinking to myself “Linnea, if you spent  £18 on a guide book you best get it to use!!!) I booked the tickets the other day, aka that is two months worth of rent that just flew away like the emoji of dollar bills with wings.

Have any of you reading ever been to Japan? Do you have any killer suggestions of things to eat/see/do? Don’t be a stranger!

The Pencil Wrap.

Lately I have been looking around the wild wild web for clever pencil cases, a particular neccesity since we have moved and no longer have access to a proper desk (writing this from the not even ½-m²-kitchen table, holla!) Basically, I need all the smart storage solutions you can think of.

So I found this on amazon – a pencil wrap! (A title that pretty much sums up its function. A wrap. For Pencils!) I do reckon it would be a fairy simple item to recreate at home, but as I do not own a sewing machine, I figured it would be well worth its 8-or-so-pounds.
So far I am really digging its practicality; rather than having umpteen boxes and cans full of pens, I now have them all collected in one place and can easily just roll them up when I am done using them.

Månadens Gröna: Cauliflower Mac n’ Yeast

dsc_0150I am finally back on track with participating in Månadens Gröna after sitting the last two ones out; which is a shame because it sure is a lot of fun to experiment and ~think outside the box~ around the chosen. For November CABBAGE is on the menu which is a reasonably large family of vegetables.
Myself, I chose to go with cauliflower to create a creamy sauce for a mac and cheese. (Or in this case, more like mac n’ yeast!) I have done a similar vegan mac before, but this time I changed things up a little – with great results! As it turns out, blended with oat cream and nutritional yeast Cauliflower makes a B-E-A-UT-I-FUL thick & creamy sauce. Furthermore, it contains no cashew nuts which is a bonus because it is not very likely you will find a pack just laying around your kitchen.

You can either eat it straight over your hot pasta, or bake it in the oven sprinkled with some breadcrumbs. Great autumny comfort food or just for those trying to trick their wee ones into eating more veg.


→ pasta of choice
→ 1 cauliflower head
→ 2 carrots
→ 1 pack oatly  ~~ à 250ml
→ 1 dl nutritional yeast
→ 1 brown onion
→ 2-3 garlic cloves
→ salt, pepper
→ nutmeg (opt.)
→ paprika powder (opt.) 
→ turmeric (opt.) 
→ dijon mustard (opt.)

1. Cook pasta according to package instructions
2. Chop carrots + cauliflower into smaller pieces; boil until tender (10-15 minutes)
3. Fry onions + garlic in saucepan until soft and golden brown
4. Add vegetables, spices and oat cream in food processor and mix well to combine.
5. Adjust seasonings to taste.
→ Eat your cheese sauce poured over pasta, alternatively add pasta into oven proof dish, pour sauce over sprinkle with bread crumbs and cook for ~30 minutes at 200°C.

For more cauliflowery things, check out:

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Sunday in Copenhagen: Boat trips, window shopping & rhubarb mojitos.

Let’s travel back about four months in time to that weekend my mum and I spent in the Danish capital:
dsc_0423dsc_0424dsc_0425Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset
We started our Sunday with brunch at Paludan Bog & Café (Fiolstræde 10). Let’s just say that if I were a student in CPH, this would be my hangout! Who does not want to drink their coffee amongst loads and loads of old books and retro posters? I also finally found soy milk – and a giant hummus sandwich. 10/10!!!!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetdsc_0464dsc_0462
After the refill of our food and caffeine depots we wandered about aimlessly. Copenhagen just so happens to be a very good city for such aimless wander, as one wants to stop at about every cobblestone to eternalise it.
When Marmorkirkken appeared amongst the rooftops we decided to pay it a visit.  Well, I say pay but it is actually commission free. The inspiration for this building is said to be the St Peter’s Basilica in Rome! #funfactoftheday
In hopes of cooling down from the 30-or-so-degrees-celsius we decided to be extra touristy and take a guided boat tour. Above you can see the thinnest house in all of Denmark + a sample of how the Christiania harbour looked like. (I <3’s it!)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
For dinner and rhubarb mojitos we went to La Babette (Bredgade 78) – the restaurant of a hotel which we had passed on our first evening in town and mum really wanted to visit. Said and done! They had a beautifully decorated backyard with colourful lights and greenery. Mmmm.

As we crossed Kafferiet (which is such a FABULOUS word!!!) I snapped about a brazillion* photos – the evening light was just divine. PLUS that sign “Eat here! One billion flies can’t be wrong…..” is just hilarious!

* brazillion = noun I have made up symbolising a large number; equivalent to the population of Brazil.
As the sun fell over Marmorkirken we went back to our hotel; eating chocolates and entertaining ourselves with the voice distorter on snapchat. It was great to spend some quality time with my mamma❤!!!
dsc_0538The following day I crossed over to my side of the North Sea again. Hovering just over Aberdeen were these delightfully blue (more commonly known as rain)clouds. Farewell summer heat, it was fun while it lasted😥

One year. Three homes.

This is where we live now. Our third home in 9 months.

Although it is only on the other side of town, everything is so brand new. In a thrilling way. Getting to know a new neighbourhood; the distance in minutes to the supermarket, which coffeeshops serve soy milk, memorizing the order of bridge-pub-post office on my way home, passing the bored-looking siberian husky surveying the street from his window; all whilst Aberdeen is dressed in a fine suit of autumny bright yellow.

The walk to the café in the morning has increased to the double and perhaps I ought to start taking the bus, but at the same time I feel too impatient to stand still and wait for the timetable to decrease so I rather walk. Me and my audiobooks, playing through J’s headphones that I nick from him each morning (eventhough I know he hates it when I do as he thinks I am too reckless to be trusted with any set of headphones.)

So far, so good.

Red Curry Lentil Lasagna | with Tahini Dressing.

We have finally gotten settled in our new abode, if one can use the term settled for using the sofa as one’s wardrobe, but this is just a huge relief off my shoulders. PLUS no more shared kitchen space! I will be sure to share some photos once I manage to get hold of some daylight.

On another note, prior to us moving I was on the mission to empty our cupboards best I could; this ended in some rather peculiar food combos (rice dressed in salsa topped with potato crisps and mushrooms was a fine moment) but also, some darn good ones!
I had this box of lasagna sheets at the very back of the very top shelf of my pantry. You know, that shelf which you have to heave yourself up on the kitchen counter in order to reach. As you may have guessed by its VIP placement in the pantry – lasagna is just not something that I am a massive fan of… But they needed to go, and not to the bin.

So I then thought of this Thaitalian love child: Red Curry Lentil Lasagna. The result was surprisingly good; in fact,  I kept announcing how tasty it was aloud to myself whilst eating. It is particularly suitable for the season – aka warm and comforting!

→ red lentils
→ red curry paste
→ 1 can coconut milk
→ 1 can chopped tomato
→ ½ broccoli head
→ 1 grated carrot
→ lasagna sheets
→ fresh coriander
→ onion
→ garlic
→ ginger
→ spring onion
→ dairy free cheese for topping (opt.)

I even threw in some leftover rice + scrambled tofu because… why not? Any chance of giving your fridge a cleanse.

1. Saute chopped onions, garlic, ginger, spring onion together in large skillet. Once tender, add grated carrot, broccoli + lentils and stir well.
2. Add a large dollop red curry paste before pouring the coconut milk + chopped tomato into the mix. Let simmer on low to medium heat until lentils are tender. Throw in fresh coriander leaves.
3. Divide your curry mixture between lasagna sheets. Top with grated cheese.
4. Cook covered on 175°C for 50-60 minutes or according to instructions on lasagna package.

I also added a tahini dressing on top which was a few tbsp of tahini, juice of ½ lime and 1 tbsp maple syrup diluted with hot water until desired consistancy.

For more comfort foods, check out:

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× Quick vegan Phở-inspired soup.

ONIGIRAZU (or ‘Sushi Sandwich’) | with Sweet Potato & Fried Tofu.

dsc_0105So a sushi roll walks into a bar… Not any bar but a SANDWICH BAR!

What do I know, but that could perhaps have been the beginning of how the Onigirazu, or Sushi Sandwich, came into being.
Needless to say, I’m glad that it did! I stumbled over this creation in a Aqua faba-forum of the world wide web and was instantly intrigued. (I mean, how can one NOT be?!)dsc_0091sushi-sandwich

VEGAN ONIGIRAZU, or Sushi Sandwich (filling ideas)

→ nori sheets
→ sushi rice (I seasoned mine w/ cider vinegar and maple syrup)
→ cling film
→ pickled cabbage
→ panko breaded tofu
→ oven roasted sweet potato
→ avocado
→ spinach
→ grated carrot


1. Lay your nori sheet, shiny side down, on a piece of cling film larger than the sheet itself.
2. Using wet hands, place a handful of rice in the middle of your nori and shape it into a compacted square.
3. Stack your preferred ingredients on top, before finalizing the pile with more rice.
4. Seal the four corners of your nori sheet, as you would make an envelope, around your filling. Stack one side over the other, using a little bit of water to glue them together, before continuing to overlap another side until you have a small package.
5. To finalize, bring the bits of cling film together and tie it at the top. Set the rice package aside to rest for a few minutes, giving the nori a chance to soften a little before cutting in half with a sharp knife. dsc_0103dsc_0112
And there you go! It’s not often one has such a colourful meal; I find it really appealing to look at. (Not so much that it prevented me from stuffing my face with them later, of course!😉 )

On another note, I’ve created a more comprehensive category system so rather than all my recipes being under “Food” they are now divided roughly into “type of meal”. xx