Apple & Blackberry Cobbler.

dsc_0034Autumn = the season to indulge on pies; the reason being all the windfallen fruits gathering outside. By chance, I stumbled over a little gold mine of blackberries the other week which resulted in about two litres of beautiful berries now gathering up half the space of my freezer. (Albeit a tiny freezer.)

They are decreasing at a steady pace though, as they go so well in a fruit cobbler with apples and cardamom. Which so just happens to be ridiculously easy to make. Here’s how:

→ 1 dl flour
→ 1 dl oats
→ 1 + 2 tbsp sugar
→ 100 g dairy free margarine
→ 4-5 apples
→ a handful or two blackberries
→ cardamom + cinnamon, to taste
→ dairy free ice-cream, for serving

1. Pre-heat oven to 225°C.
2. Grease a pie dish.
3. Core the apples and slice them up thinly. Place apple pieces at the bottom of your pie dish. Sprinkle the blackberries over, followed by a tablespoon or two of sugar. If you wish, you may also sprinkle some cinnamon on top, and cardamom of course!
4. Separate the butter in a big bowl with the flour, oats and sugar and use your hands to form it into a grainy dough. Spread evenly over the fruits + berries.
5. Bake for about 20 minutes, until the crust has a nice goldeny brown colour.
6. Serve warm topped with some vanilla ice cream.
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Saturday in Copenhagen: Christiania & Step-counter records.

dsc_0362Let’s pick up where I left things about two months ago, the weekend spend in the Danish capital with my mum! After our morning steam bath at the Botanical Gardens, we continued to wander around Copenhagen.

In fact, this day mum’s step counter announced a number over 32k when we finally returned to the hotel in the evening  — and thus we had broken the family record from a 2008 trip to Rome (!!!)
dsc_0366dsc_0388Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset
One thing I really enjoy about travelling to new countries, even if it is pne so near of your own, is discovering the local supermarkets. Just at 7-eleven they had so much to look at, and I mean, who wants a plain old bottle of water when you can get one with mint & lime for instance?? Sweden/Scotland, watch and learn!
Time for the mornings second caffeine stop; in the prettiest darn backyard found by the entrance of Kunstforeningen GL Strand. 
Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset
Then we reached hippie mekka Christiania. Walking through the infamous Green Light District was such a strange experience (particularly to have with your mom, let’s be real!) – there were stalls like any other market, but most vendors would be masked up like if they were just off to rob a bank. The three rules of the GLD are 1. no photos, 2. no running and finally 3. have fun.

I’m particularly fond of the message hovering one of the exits – “you are now entering the EU”.
dsc_0401dsc_0402dsc_0403Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
I asked happycow where to go for dinner and we ended up having burgers at a hostel close of the central station. By no means a sensation for the taste buds, but with a very meager veggie-scene I was happy to finally find something to still my hunger.
We ended the evening in Nyhavn but seeing as it was a beautiful Saturday night of July, it was way too crowded for our more countryside-like manners, so we wandered back to the hotel. Have to sneak in a photo of this guy here – such bravura of innovation! He had composed a drum set out of kitchen utensils and to be honest he was darn hilarious for a busker. He goes under the name Big Viktor were you to encounter him whilst in CPH.

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Pizza con Patate.

Potato Pizza. Was there ever a sequence of words so beautiful? Well, apart from perhaps All You Can Eat Buffet with the word Vegan squeezed in somewhere, I think not! Pizza with Potato. My mouth waters just thinking about it.
Basically what we have here is a Pizza Blanco with thinly sliced potato on top. Meaning, if you are the proud owner of a Mandoline this is an ideal chance to exercise it. Otherwise you just do as us mortals and try to slice them as evenly as you possibly can. There is after all, in my humble opinion, something very therapeutic about chopping up vegetables.

→ 1 batch pizza dough of your preference, I use baking soda as its quick and fairly idiot-proof
→ a bunch of potatoes
→ some cloves of garlic
→ olive oil
→ herbs de provence
→ salt + pepper
→ dairy free cheese, opt. 

As you can see, it’s a fairly neat list of ingredients.

  1. Slice the potatoes thinly and leave to soak in salty water for a couple of hours or overnight. This will both keep the tatties from oxidation whilst helping them soft so they will cook up nicely.
  2. Heat your oven to 200°C and brush your pizza base with some olive oil. I like to pre-bake the crust a little before adding the toppings, but whatever floats your pizza boat!
  3. Drain the potatoes and pat them dry with a kitchen towel/roll to get rid of as much excess water as possible. Meanwhile, evenly spread out chopped garlic and grated cheese on the crust, before layering out the potato slices to cover the entire base. Top off with pepper and herbs de provence!
  4. Bake for about 30 minutes, when the potatoes start getting a golden colour and the crust looks nicely bronzed – you’re good to go.
  5. Slice up pizza and serve hot – bon appetit! dsc_0020


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Skye ⇒ Glenfinnan ⇒ Glencoe ⇒ Aberdeen.

dsc_0414dsc_0415dsc_0423dsc_0425When we woke up on Friday the weather was gloomy. I would almost say FINALLY, because the show we had witnessed the days prior just did not feel like the ~authentic~ Scotland – plus, don’t the landscapes look way cooler with those dark clouds hovering over them? I think YES. The greens greener and the blues bluer.
It was time to hit the road again, this time driving down to Glencoe. So rather than leaving Skye the same way we arrived, via the bridge i.e., we wanted to take the ferry over to the mainland. We were lucky though, had it not been for a bus that had cancelled its spot on the ferry we would have to wait about 4hrs for the next available slot. So → piece of advice if you want to cross the water by ferry, call to book in advance!
By mere coincidence, we crossed this church in Glenfinnan, tried the door and it was open. And empty. You could only hear the wind travelling through the stone walls.

The interiors were really quite stunning.


What we were really looking for in Glenfinnan was this viaduct though — RECOGNIZE IT ANYONE??
As it turned out we probably did not choose the best viewpoint viaduct-wise, but nonetheless we chose the one with fewer tourists – and that’s always something!
Really we were meant to spend one night in Glencoe before driving back home on the Saturday, but after trying just about every road + friendly passer-by’s we simply could NOT find our hostel. Nor did we have any number to call for directions.

J jokingly said “maybe we should just drive back to Aberdeen”.
Me, longing for a cooked meal and a warm shower, took that joke a bit too seriously and we were soon on our way back to Aberdeenshire.

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Pasta al Pomodoro & Vegan T*na.

The geniuses behind Green Kitchen Stories strikes again. I crossed this recipe the other week via Flora; and I was well intrigued when I read one can veganize tuna using… *drum roll*… SUNFLOWER SEEDS! 
And you know what, it tastes ridiculously much like the real deal! The trick is to soak the kernels for at least 6 hours, and once mixed up (with nori and capers and shallots to name a few featuring stars of the recipe) you get a tuna-like texture that tastes like the sea. Ish.

You can eat it straight as it is, or like in this case (where I’ve followed GKS-recipe slavishly) enjoy it in a pomodoro- (aka italian-for-tomato-) sauce.
I do feel like this phenomena is worthy of a catchy and cool abbreviation, like… veguna? (vegan-tuna) Suna? (sunflower-tuna) or just plain t*na (like tuna but without the environmental devastation included)

(… yes, I may have given this waaaay too much thought.)
Check out the original recipe here and leave the fish swimming freely in the sea :’) xx

Isle of Skye, Day 2: The Old Man of Storr & black sand dunes.

DSC_0319DSC_0232DSC_0237In the car again (which, yes, I guess is pretty mandatory seeing as this IS the documentation of a road trip) we headed towards Portree, on the coffee hunt. (The instant stuff often found in hostels does not count/deserve to be titled “coffee”, in my humble opinion…)
After the mornings first cuppa, we had a peek at the harbour and nicked some wild blackberries.
But the real destination for the morning was the Old Man of Storr; the large pinnacle you can see to the right.
The views from the hike up the hill were just stunning. Look at all that blue!
Voila! We did not make it all the way to the top; instead we laid down in the grass for a while, seeking shelter from the light winds and just enjoyed the landscape.


The rest of the afternoon we drove around the northern part of the isle, had coffee under sizzling sun in Dunvegan before driving back towards “our” part of the isle.
Final stop before dinner was Talisker Bay. 
I was well intrigued by the black (???) sand dunes.
We ended the evening with a meal and a pint at The Old Inn in Carbost; they even had a vegan curry!!! (That I downed in like 7 minutes tops. So hungry from all the fresh air!)

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Isle of Skye, Day 1: Fairy pools & Highlanders.

DSC_0125Once on Skye, we (lol, rather I*) decided that we should ∼SEIZE THE DAY∼ before checking into our hostel of the evening. So off to the Fairy Pools we went.
Clearly that was by no means an original idea, as we were seemingly joined by the rest of Scotland’s tourists… Oh well!

{Also note the difference of the sky here! One direction vs the other.}
We stated that the pools looked way cooler on pinterest… (possibly reached a lower score because of the crowd of tourists there.)
On the way back however, we encountered these fellas. Highland cows! SO HAIRY! SO CUTE!
They weren’t really up for posing though… *given the cold shoulder*
Our hostel for the following days was probably one of the best ones I ever stayed. The Skyewalker Hostel.

Not ONLY because no one loves a pun more than I (and this place that’s pretty much themed on one?! DREAMY!), but it was also by far the most well-equipped one I have ever been to. Plenty of kitchen utensils, music instruments, books and *drum-roll*… trust-worthy showers!
To top things off, they also had this massive ball of a glasshouse out in the garden. Imagine lying there on a starry night. Safe from the mosquitoes. :’)
The kitchen wall had a slogan suitable for this blog – or what do you say?😉

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