Shakshuka the vegan way | with Avocado & Tahini.

I have been longing to make this savoury tomato dish for some time now, but I have kept postponing it since I am unsure what could be a good substitute for the poached eggs that normally slow cooks in it. But he other day Flora made a post about avocado and its many uses – and I was a little like EUREKA! Avocado! Shakshuka! Of course! (My literal thought process). I mean, as Hippocrates would say – let avocado be thy eggs… right?
IMG_3075The first time I heard about this dish was when one of my best friends spent a year in Tel Aviv and our correspondence would sometimes include, to me, unfamiliar terms. Along them – Shakshuka. In Israel it is a common breakfast dish, with a side of pitta, but I am not quite there yet – it goes just as well as a light lunch or dinner!

Apart from being a really tasty and comforting meal, it is also inexpensive and filling! Win!
For the base, I followed Green Kitchen Stories Shakshuka on a budget. It serves 2 hungry people or 4 normal servings. It goes:

→ 2 tbsp olive- /coconut oil
→ 1 yellow onion
→ 3 cloves of garlic
→ 1 red capsicum (opt.)
→ 3 tbsp tomato puree
→ 1 tsp paprika
→ ½ tsp cumin
→ ½ tsp chili powder
→ 60 g kale/spinach
→ a handful fresh basil leaves/1 tbsp dried basil
→ 2 x 400 g cans whole plum tomatoes
→ 2-4 avocados (depending on how many people are eating)

1. Chop onion, garlic + capsicum finely. 2. Heat the oil in a skillet on medium heat. Add onion & garlic and fry until softened and golden brown – about 5 min. 3. Add spices + capsicum (if using!) and fry for another couple of minutes. Meanwhile, blend canned tomatoes + spinach/kale to a smooth sauce in a food processor. 4. Pour tomato sauce into the skillet and let cook, covered, for about 15 minutes. 5. Make small pits for the avocado’s to go in, and leave to cook for another 5 minutes, under cover.

Then it is ready to be served! Sprinkle with some fresh basil leaves and this tahini sauce if you please:

→ 3 tbsp tahini
→ 1 tbsp maple syrup
→ juice of ½ lemon
→ 2-4 tbsp hot water, to thin

It is super easy, just stir everything together until smooth, adding hot water as you go.


7 thoughts on “Shakshuka the vegan way | with Avocado & Tahini.

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