How to make Dandelion Syrup | in 6 simple steps.

If you feel like Aberdeen is looking a bit more grey than usual – it is probably because I have been out snitching a whole bunch of dandelions from its streets! IMG_4263
I figured it was time for operation DIY syrup, so I defied my cold the other day (I know I should rest the cold away but… it’s just too darn boring?!) and went out to pluck some of these petit suns.

The ingredient list is real simple, all you need is dandelions, water and sugar. You may also add some lemons and a wee bit of ginger, if you wish! The idea is to use a ratio of 2:1 sugar and water, i.e. the  double amount of sugar, but we will get to that eventually!

How to: 

1. Go out and pluck a bunch of dandelions. You want to pick as little of the green stuff as possible!
2. Leave the dandelions on a flat surface (I left mine on a baking sheet in the kitchen), and go entertain yourself elsewhere for half an hour or so – to give any current residents a chance to move out.
(You will literally see the wee beetles make their way across the baking sheet!)
3. Double check the flowers so that they are free from bugs, before you remove the petals from the green base. (It gets easier if you sort of roll the base between your fingers.) Then rinse the petals in cold water.
4. Cover the flowers in water and bring to the boil for about 15 minutes. This is where you add the ginger and lemon, if using.
5. Now you can either leave this to stand overnight, or simply get on with the process and strain the water from the petals(/ginger/lemon.) Then measure the amount of water and add the double amount of sugar in the pan. Let it simmer on low heat for about an hour to an hour and a half, until you have got a syrup consistency.
6. Pour into airtight container and cork up!

Voila, you’ve just made your first batch of Dandelion Syrup!

→ Do you have any other clever recipes containing edible weeds?  Please share, I am all ears! x


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